Barbara Haynes

Barbara Haynes

Barbara Haynes, a member of the Grass Valley Graphics Group, is an accomplished painter as well as lithographer, serigrapher, cartographer, sculptor, and game designer.


Born in 1950 in Vernon, Texas she was involved early in her life in award winning farming and animal husbandry. In 1968 she attended Texas Tech University where she studied journalism, and traveled extensively in Europe and the Middle East -- England, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Israel and Egypt.

Vase of Flowers

She began her artistic career in black and white photography with her studies in abstract realism.


After many years of award winning work with the subtleties of light and shadow expressed in her photography, she began an exploration of painting inspired by her trips to New York City and Paris where she spent many hours in the world famous museums of those cities.


She was particularly struck with the studies of light she saw expressed in the Impressionist school as well as the incredible beauty of color as seen in the school of German Expressionism. Her landscapes are delightful experiments with the combination of these two schools of painting.

Autumn Dreams

In 1986 Haynes moved to California and joined the Grass Valley Graphics Group. There she began working in ceramic and sculpture as well as continuing to develop her painting skills, studying with artists E.J. Gold, Tom X, Zoe Alowan and Denise Wey.

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