Grass Valley Graphics Group

The Grass Valley Graphics Group is an informal group of diversely talented artists working together and independently, inspiring one another and collaborating together on many different projects; exhibiting as individuals and as a group, across the nation and abroad. The sharing of skills is a hallmark of their tie. Members of the California-based Grass Valley Graphics Group work in a broad spectrum of media: found object sculpture, traditional oil painting, computer animation, cast bronze sculptures, mobiles, installation art, works on paper, collage, serigraphy, miniatures, dioramas, murals, glass-blowing, photography, theater, dance, Bunraku puppetry, video, virtual reality, and music.

In line with the rising tide of interest in figurative and high-modernist modes, the Grass Valley Graphics Group work on the experimental borders of representational painting and sculpture. Not so much opposed as non-committed to the commercially and critically certified styles of abstraction and post-Industrial kitsch art, they are open to many styles and approaches that suit the very contemporary perceptions of its members and their bold visionary stances.