Photograph of A. Larsen

Aram Larsen

Aram Larsen is now twenty years old and has grown up surrounded by artists. His father, Lin Larsen, was an animator for 38 years working with Disney and Warner Bros. When Lin Larsen did freelance work at home, Aram would go in the studio and draw alongside his dad.

At the age of seven, Aram and his family moved to Paris. He and his father would spend days at a time visiting art museums like the Louvre. In Barcelona they visited the Museo Picasso and Gaudi Park.

A. Larsen acrylic surrealistic landscape

“I wanted to be an animator,” says Aram “until I saw Picasso, and from that point on I’ve been completely insane.”

Most family friends were artists, including people like Grigori Boyad, Cornelius Cole, Tom X., E. J. Gold, Della Heywood and Menlo Macfarlane.

A. Larsen canvas with purple figure

By the age of 13, Aram had designed two cartoon characters for the Garfield show and one for the Howie Mandel show, Bobby’s World. He has attended two semesters at the Isomata: Idylwild School of the Arts. He has studied dance and music under Menlo Macfarlane’s guidance in the arts and performance group The Black Valley, of which Aram is a charter member.

He has been featured artist in Possibilities art magazine, featured on the cover of SeeSaw Poetry Journal, and illustrator for Galaxy Science Fiction. Aram has had a number of one-man shows as well as group shows with The Black Valley and the Grass Valley Graphics Group.

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