Lila Nova

Lily Nova

Lily Nova worked as a fashion designer (Nova Designs) in New York City for many years before moving to California. She has been a vital part of the Grass Valley Graphics Group from the very beginning. Her works include colorful still lifes in pastel and watercolor, abstract compositions in different media as well as large wall hangings and textile creations. Her most recent work blends sculpture and textile art. She designed and executed a number of tapestries that combine quilting elements with stitchery and fiber art. Nova was inspired by the abstract compositions of Kandinsky which has fueled her direction in art. Her tapestries include sculptural elements as well as pieces of clothing that are integrated into the design. I want to create an

atmosphere to which people can respond, says Nova. Color and textural tone have a strong impact on the viewer. The aesthetics of her tapestries evoke a haunting feeling of reminiscence.
Nova was recently celebrated in an exhibit which toured several European cities for over two years, was the founder of Nova Designs in New York. Her background in haute couture where she clothed the rich and famous including Mary Wells, one of the ten-best dressed women in the world, Peter Lawford, and Princess Christina of Sweden, has led her to two extremes: large three-dimensional tapestries, and intricate, fascinating miniature dioramas.

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