Lil McGill

Lil McGill

Native Californian Lil McGill is a painter and poet.

Aegean Storm by Lil McGill

Her ethereal abstracts, dreamscapes and studies and explorations of pure color and mood remind one of early Kandinsky and vibrant Jenkins, but they have their own style and energy which excite the eye and please the senses.

Seeing Through All That You Know by Lil McGill

As a young person Lil McGill excelled in athletics and music and developed a love of writing. An award-winning poet, she graduated from Vassar College in 1986.

Learn To by Lil McGill

In the late 80ís she became an administrator at the prestigious Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles, which began a career in the arts leading her to subsequently work with many art galleries and museums.

Walk by Lil McGill

For the past fifteen years she been instrumental in the presentation of art exhibits all around the country, including the Jazz Art show for the Wynton Marsalis performance in the Fall of 2001.

New York 2001 by Lil McGill

She and her husband, artist R.C. Trice, currently operate their own on-line art and framing company, They have two children and live in Grass Valley, California, enjoying working in an old barn which has been converted into artist studios.

Whispering Pines 1976 by Lil McGill

Keenly interested in art as a form of healing, she plans to continue painting and exhibiting with the Grass Valley Graphics group for many years to come.

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